Letter From the Editor, February 2015

February 2015’s issue of The Hillsdale Forum is here. Inside: five essays (including a review), two interviews, a “humor” item, and, least of all, this letter. Briefly, senior Sean Kunath explains why he loves his fountain pens so much (page 10), and Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Jeffrey Lehman explains just a bit of what we talk about when we talk about the liberal arts … Continue reading Letter From the Editor, February 2015

In Defense of the Singular ‘They’

by Chris McCaffery This essay was originally written for Dr. Daniel Coupland’s EDU 101: English Grammar course. Believers in strict proscription in grammatical construction advocate the use of he as the neuter singular pronoun. This is an imperfect attempt to make up for English’s lack of a natural neuter singular pronoun. When attempting to follow a proscribed rule and preserve the numerical consistency of pronoun … Continue reading In Defense of the Singular ‘They’

Book Review: The paradox of Heraclitus

by Chris McCaffery The Logos of Heraclitus by Eva Brann (2011), Paul Dry Books: Philadelphia Lucky Heraclitus to have such a disciple! Brann cuts through the misunderstanding that plagues ‘the obscure’ in this short book. “A large book is a large evil”, Callimachus says; Hillsdale students might be willing to agree. Eva Brann’s The Logos of Heraclitus is neither, but the pithy saying is like Heraclitus’ … Continue reading Book Review: The paradox of Heraclitus

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Letter from the editor—August 2014

It’s tempting to start here with grandiloquence about the start of a new year, clichés, freshmen are part of the family now or this year will be the best year ever. It is even more tempting, of course, to ironically distance myself from saying anything genuine here out of need to be original, or safe. Truth and genuine writing should come before our fear of … Continue reading Letter from the editor—August 2014

Cup abuse rampant in cafeteria

by Andy Reuss HILLSDALE COLLEGE, Knorr Family Dining Room (Hillsdale Spectator wire) — A single plastic cup in the Knorr Family Dining Room has been used to illustrate at least 46 distinct philosophical points since students returned to campus this week. “I’m really only here to do one job, which is to transport and contain liquids”, said the cup, which cannot even choose to remain … Continue reading Cup abuse rampant in cafeteria