Letter From the Editor, February 2015

February 2015’s issue of The Hillsdale Forum is here. Inside: five essays (including a review), two interviews, a “humor” item, and, least of all, this letter.

Briefly, senior Sean Kunath explains why he loves his fountain pens so much (page 10), and Assistant Professor of Education Dr. Jeffrey Lehman explains just a bit of what we talk about when we talk about the liberal arts (page 20). Junior Micah Meadowcroft takes longer to unpack the relationship between the City of Hillsdale and the college we attend (page 5), and sophomore Sarah Reinsel explores pottery, poetry, and truth and beauty with an essay on John Keats’ “Ode on a Grecian Urn”, inspired by a lecture on conservatism and the arts delivered by Greg Wolfe, ’80 (page 13).

I take a stand for what I think is one of the most unfairly-maligned usages in English grammar on page 11, and senior Kirby Hartley reviews Particular Crossroads, a short book about Flannery O’Connor and Walker Percy’s faith, fiction, and southern identity. Associate Professor of History Dr. Richard Gamble sat down with senior Devin Creed to discuss his current class “History and Philosophy of History”, his published books, and what he means by ‘historical consciousness’. Finally, senior Andy Reuss satirically reveals the real story of our nation’s founding.

Behind everything inside this issue is a fantastic staff of editors and designers who make it all happen. Their skill makes this beautiful publication possible and they are to be congratulated for every edition.

The Forum can be a great opportunity to have a conversation with the campus community and develop writing, editing, and design skills; email us today, hillsdaleforum@gmail.com.

Editor-in-Chief Chris McCaffery is a junior studying history and English. He is a member of the Dow Journalism Program.

Image courtesy Elena Creed.

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