Mission Statement

The Hillsdale Forum is an independent, student-run conservative magazine at Hillsdale College. The Forum, in support of the mission statement of the college, exists to foster a campus environment open to true liberal education and human flourishing. We publish opinions, interviews, papers, and campus news. The Forum is a vehicle to bring the discussion and thought of the students and professors at the heart of our school beyond the classroom, because “if a practical end must be assigned to a University course, it is that of training good members of society”. The Forum brings the learning of the classroom into the political reality of campus.

2016-2017 Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Chandler Ryd

Editors-at-Large: Madeline Johnson & Sarah Reinsel

Managing Editor: Emily Lehman

Design: Sarah Reinsel

Copy Editors: Andrew Egger and Taylor Kemmeter

Editors: Ramona Tausz, Stacey Egger, and Lara Forsythe

Business Manager: Beau Jarrett

Faculty Advisor: Dr. John Somerville



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