New Eyes in Greece

This summer I traveled with the Collegiate Scholars to Greece. The highlight of the trip was that my husband Kerry came with us. Because he travels so much for his work as a management consultant, he is loath to board a plane for pleasure. (Or rather, it is inconceivable to him that taking a plane anywhere might be pleasurable.) Somehow, I was able to convince him that he would enjoy himself. (Well, actually, I just signed him up, and that was that.) The last time I was in Greece was twenty-seven years ago and noting the changes and the similarities was a delight. But seeing Greece through the eyes of my dear husband made the trip extra special. Although I go out of my way to talk to locals when I am abroad, I am afraid my husband is much more adept at this.

A night in Olympia was forever etched into my mind as my husband and I joined a table and discovered that we were sitting with the two brothers who owned the hotel. Kerry immediately began questioning them on the nature of the hotel business, how it had changed over the years, what was good, what was bad. Then he asked about the food, and was immediately brought more oregano to season the zucchini! It was a fascinating look at different personalities as well: the elder brother was calm and rational; the younger was a bit of a hot head. We talked into the night about the affect the internet has had on the hotel industry, Trump, and the pleasures of ouzo. The delight of travel is that it underscores that we are all one human family and it was a particular joy to have this experience heightened by the addition of Kerry’s insights and concerns, which are different from, and a great complement to, my own.


Barbara Bushey is the Chair of the Art Department at Hillsdale College. 

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