Vignette: Washington, D.C.

By Morgan Brownfield

This summer, four dozen Hillsdaleans migrated to L’Enfant’s carefully planned city. The students savor the blistering southern heat and humidity, readying this memory for future summoning in mid-February, when above-zero temperatures are all but forgotten. And even in a city tempted by means and neglectful of ends, both goodness and prudence are evident and honored, written with a sunbeam on the whole volume of human nature, generation to generation. A young girl, propped upon her father’s shoulders at the National Archives, is mesmerized by her father’s reverence for our founding documents. College students sit on the Kirby Center veranda, card games interrupted by philosophical debate, then interrupted again by the arrival of yet another batch of popcorn. Dr. Spalding mentors a few students through case studies of prudence. Altogether, pursuing truth and defending liberty, summer-style—a time not to be forgotten.

Image courtesy Morgan Brownfield.

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