Short Story Contest

Ladies and gentlemen,
It is the pleasure of the Hillsdale Forum to announce our newest feature: a short story writing competition. We will be taking submissions of works under 1500 words and will stop taking submissions on September 24th. We will use the subsequent time to read, edit, and select a winning short story, which will then be published in the magazine. Moreover, we hope to involve the authors themselves in the editing process by contacting finalists and working in concert towards a finished project. Runners up may be posted on the website. Please send all submissions to:
Our aim in providing this feature is to offer yet another outlet on our campus for expression of the literary creativity gathered here and to offer prose authors the opportunity to have their work read and edited by a board of their peers. We look forward to enjoying your work and cannot wait to give the rest of the campus a chance to read it as well. Happy Writing.
     N.B. If possible, submit early. Pieces cruising in on the evening of September 24th won’t receive the same attention. Finally, an inspiring word from our favorite Dharma Bum: “Some day I will find the right words and they will be simple.” – Jack Kerouac

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