What is Poetry?

We are listening creatures; whence else our speaking? Scripture speaks speech as God’s first act. God said, “let there be light,” and there was light. The Father simultaneously names and creates in speaking. The first act of Man, then, created in the image of God, is to name the animals. We image Him. Yet we must know how to listen from somewhere, too. So God … Continue reading What is Poetry?

Book Review: The paradox of Heraclitus

by Chris McCaffery The Logos of Heraclitus by Eva Brann (2011), Paul Dry Books: Philadelphia Lucky Heraclitus to have such a disciple! Brann cuts through the misunderstanding that plagues ‘the obscure’ in this short book. “A large book is a large evil”, Callimachus says; Hillsdale students might be willing to agree. Eva Brann’s The Logos of Heraclitus is neither, but the pithy saying is like Heraclitus’ … Continue reading Book Review: The paradox of Heraclitus