Splendor without Spectacle

  Some wry reflection in the current style on how the wonder of the eclipse seemed rather darkened by the contraceptive glasses that my eye doctor insisted must be worn to keep my sight, partially was obscured by clouds blowing in at the totality and contemplated by naked eyes, an unexpected splendor needing no interposition.     Benjamin Beier is an Assistant Professor of Education.   Continue reading Splendor without Spectacle

82.3% Eclipse of the Heart

There are two types of Trekkies: those who love Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and those who don’t. Similarly, in the physics community, there are two types of solar-eclipse viewers: those who go for totality, and losers. During the Great Eclipse of 2017, I was the only member of my physics department not to boldly go to far-flung destinations to experience totality. And I felt … Continue reading 82.3% Eclipse of the Heart