Interview with the Author

Junior Ian Atherton is an English major and Vice President of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, where he oversees the house’s internal affairs. He took a break from schoolwork and intramural sports to sit down with The Forum to discuss his winning short story, “Lemons”. F What’s your normal writing process? Do you have one? Lemons was a funny one—I needed to submit a writing sample … Continue reading Interview with the Author

Short Story Contest Winner—"Lemons", by Ian Atherton

Lemons.  There are, on occasion, in a small glass bowl to the left side of the iced tea, lemons in our college cafeteria. That. That, my friend, is how you can tell that there are donors, or parents, or prospective students in town. The details, the small things—they really do count. Who knows, lemons really could be what convinces an all-state athlete, with a 4.0 … Continue reading Short Story Contest Winner—"Lemons", by Ian Atherton

Short Story Contest

Ladies and gentlemen, It is the pleasure of the Hillsdale Forum to announce our newest feature: a short story writing competition. We will be taking submissions of works under 1500 words and will stop taking submissions on September 24th. We will use the subsequent time to read, edit, and select a winning short story, which will then be published in the magazine. Moreover, we hope … Continue reading Short Story Contest