Book Review: The paradox of Heraclitus

by Chris McCaffery The Logos of Heraclitus by Eva Brann (2011), Paul Dry Books: Philadelphia Lucky Heraclitus to have such a disciple! Brann cuts through the misunderstanding that plagues ‘the obscure’ in this short book. “A large book is a large evil”, Callimachus says; Hillsdale students might be willing to agree. Eva Brann’s The Logos of Heraclitus is neither, but the pithy saying is like Heraclitus’ … Continue reading Book Review: The paradox of Heraclitus

Marriage and the great white whale

What humor, homosexuality, and Moby Dick can teach us about marriage and romantic love. by Aaron Schreck Giving a best man’s speech is one of the most difficult things I can imagine. Not only must you articulate your love and appreciation for one of the most intimate relationships of your life—whether it be a relationship with your son, brother, or best friend—you must also speak … Continue reading Marriage and the great white whale


Biblical inerrancy is a modernist mistake

Fighting modernity with modernity places limitations on the study of scripture. by Timothy Troutner Though Hillsdale students gladly consider differing perspectives on politics and theology, I have seldom seen tools of historical and literary analysis turned on the Bible itself. Outside Associate Professor of English Dr. Justin Jackson’s class on Reading Biblical Narrative, there seems to be a disconnect between our education and our reading … Continue reading Biblical inerrancy is a modernist mistake

Picture of letters.

Letter from the editor—August 2014

It’s tempting to start here with grandiloquence about the start of a new year, clichés, freshmen are part of the family now or this year will be the best year ever. It is even more tempting, of course, to ironically distance myself from saying anything genuine here out of need to be original, or safe. Truth and genuine writing should come before our fear of … Continue reading Letter from the editor—August 2014

Tragically Hip—Spoon

Thoughts on a subway from The Forum’s aesthete, or, music that doesn’t suck. by Sarah Albers I was being jostled by tourists on the Washington, D.C., rush-hour Metro the first time I heard “New York Kiss”. (Harry Reid could smell them, I’m sure of it.) The final track of Spoon’s new album was gorgeous: smooth, polished, but graced with the sharp, poppy spunk shared by … Continue reading Tragically Hip—Spoon

Cup abuse rampant in cafeteria

by Andy Reuss HILLSDALE COLLEGE, Knorr Family Dining Room (Hillsdale Spectator wire) — A single plastic cup in the Knorr Family Dining Room has been used to illustrate at least 46 distinct philosophical points since students returned to campus this week. “I’m really only here to do one job, which is to transport and contain liquids”, said the cup, which cannot even choose to remain … Continue reading Cup abuse rampant in cafeteria

Sophomore year sucks

Things have changed; it’s going to suck; embrace the suck. by Sally Nelson Class of 2017: prepare for what will be the hardest year of your college career. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Some student tank, academically or socially, their junior or senior years. Some freshmen party too hard. But for many, the illusion of stability and understanding cemented at the end … Continue reading Sophomore year sucks